Clue UX&UI case study


Project Info: Individual Design Exercise.
Timeline: Dec 2020 – Feb 2021.
Tools: Figma, Marvel

Clue is a period recording tool that helps users manage their health status through cycle tracking, ovulation prediction and other methods.

Clue is committed to creating a friendly, scientific, and trustworthy brand image. For the explanation of gynecological symptoms, Clue provided the most advanced medical documents in Europe and America as references. ​​​​​​​


To begin my research, I started to look for critical reviews about Clue app on App Store, here are some reviews that appear repeatedly.

·Need subscription for features that once free.
·Expensive membership.
·A lot of extra features that are not needed.
·Layout is not user-friendly.
·Must make an account as the first step.
·Not enough symptoms for choose.
·Outdated UI.
·Frequently crashes.

According to my observation and user research, I focus the redesign on 3 aspects:
1. Improve the first use experience.
2. Adjust paid subscription advertising.
3. Add the function of pregnancy tracking.

You can browse the full experience using the prototype below or click HERE 

Critical reviews
Personas & User Journey Map
Home page: current design / redesign
Calendar page: current design / redesign
Track page: current design / redesign
Clue plus page: current design / redesign
Content page: Current design / Redesign
Setting page: current design / redesign
Flow map