Tokyo Diner


Role & Responsibilities: Service Design, Visual Design
Duration: 2013
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Tokyo Diner is a Japanese restaurant located in London’s Chinatown. This restaurant opened in 1992. It has established a good reputation in Chinatown for its affordable prices and authentic cuisine. The restaurant has appeared on local websites and magazines such as Tripadvisor, Timeout London, etc. many times.
The way of fame promotion has also shaped the traditional and unique service experience of this restaurant. In the era of the online information explosion, it still uses antique-level Japanese-based websites and does not provide online ordering or delivery services.


In the pre-service period, I can find related information from Tokyo Diner Facebook homepage, Google plus,  London Chinatown website, and Tokyo Diner homepage, also guide magazines such as TimeOut London and some voucher code website.

Colorful advertisements on the door, opening time, and menu can be seen on the windows, upstairs was open at a specific time. Japanese traditional decorations were shown on shelves on every floor, such as woodcarving, dolls, lucky bag, and pottery. Japanese curtain was a very important decorating element in Tokyo Diner.


The menu and website in use do not really suit the atmosphere in this restaurant. The restaurant conveys to customers a kind of warm, relax, and Japanese traditional style, on the basis of its light arrangement, furniture, decoration, Ukiyoe artworks, and kind service. So in this project, I redesigned the menu for an experiment, I want this ideal menu to convey the atmosphere of the restaurant which is warm, delicate, relax, and a little orthodox.