Role & Responsibilities: Digital product designer, defining branding and design language, sharing resources and tools.
Duration: 03/2022 - 06/2023
Tools: Figma
BDX operates as a secure and transparent auction-style marketplace, where data clients have the freedom to publish their data as auctions. Storage providers, on the other hand, can place competitive bids. The data clients then have the flexibility to select the best storage providers based on the bids and their specific storage needs. This process involves engaging in deal-making activities. Upon finalizing the deal-making, the bid is released to the data client, all facilitated by our secure smart contract mechanism.

With our innovative auction-style product design, BDX is introducing an exciting opportunity for more individuals and institutions to actively participate in the preservation of valuable public data. This includes the option to auction data, which is incentivized through FIL, rather than incurring storage costs. In essence, we are pioneering a new incentive structure for public data storage.


This project is a journey from 0 to 1. Our dedicated international project team achieved the successful launch of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a record time. This initial version was a stepping stone, and we continued to refine and evolve it through multiple iterations, guided by valuable user feedback and real-world usage insights.

In this undertaking, my role extended to both the branding and product design aspects of the entire project. I was tasked with shaping the visual identity and market positioning, ensuring it resonated with our target audience. Simultaneously, I took on the responsibility of crafting the product design, meticulously sculpting its user interface and user experience to deliver a solution that not only met but exceeded user expectations.