Role & Responsibilities: User Research, Prototyping, UI/UX Design
Duration: 12/2020 – 02/2021
Tools: Figma, Marvel

Clue is an application for menstrual health developed by Berlin-based BioWink GmbH. With a mission of promoting female reproductive health, the product has three main functions:
1. Period cycle record and prediction.
2. Health status analysis.
3. Scientific articles about reproductive health.
Users can track their periods and health status through Clue, and Clue Plus is a crucial way to generate revenue.


To begin my research, I started to look for critical reviews about Clue app on App Store. Here are some considerations that appear repeatedly.

·Need subscription for features that were once free.
·Expensive membership.
·A lot of extra features that are not needed.
·Layout is not user-friendly.
·Must make an account as the first step.
·Not enough symptoms to choose.
·Outdated UI.
·Frequently crashes.

User Journey Map & Personas

According to my observation and user research, I focus the redesign on three aspects:
  1. Improve the first user experience.
  2. Adjust paid subscription advertising.
  3. Add the function of pregnancy tracking.

Core Functions Adjustment

In the redesign, I removed the conspicuous subscription ad on the homepage, placed the most commonly used Track function in a more clickable position, and streamlined the bottom menu buttons. The current design urges users to pay for subscriptions by reducing a critical page. Many users have complained that this experience is very terrible. By redesigning, I kept the articles on the Content page, no longer “you gonna feel bad if you don’t pay” but “paying will bring you a better experience.”

In the current design, symptom recording needs to be swiped and clicked to complete. If you need to browse all the symptoms, 29 swipes are required. Redesign integrated the same symptoms into one page, and you only need to click three times and swipe one time to browse all symptoms. The recording function is on the same page by sliding up and overlaying, improving the operation's convenience.