Role & Responsibilities: User Research, Prototyping, UI/UX Design
Duration: 12/2020 – 02/2021
Tools: Figma, Marvel

Clue, a menstrual health app developed by BioWink GmbH in Berlin, aims to promote women's reproductive health with its three main functions: tracking period cycles and predicting them, analyzing health status, and providing scientific articles on reproductive health. Clue Plus is a key source of revenue for the company.


I conducted research by analyzing substantial feedback from users of the Clue app on the App Store. The recurring points that emerged include:

  • Requirement of subscription for previously free features.
  • High membership cost.
  • Unnecessary additional features.
  • Poorly designed layout.
  • Required creation of account as the initial step.
  • Insufficient number of symptom options.
  • Outdated user interface.
  • Frequent app crashes.

User Journey Map & Personas

Based on my observations and comprehensive user research, I have pinpointed three primary areas for redesign:

  1. Improving the initial user experience
  2. Fine-tuning the advertising strategy for paid subscriptions.
  3. Incorporating a pregnancy tracking feature.

Core Functions Adjustment

In the redesign process, my goal was to enhance the overall user experience by implementing essential functional modifications. To achieve this, I took the following steps:

  1. I eliminated the prominent subscription advertisement that previously occupied the homepage.
  2. I made the frequently used "Track" feature more accessible.
  3. I simplified the bottom menu buttons for improved user navigation.

Previously, the design directed users towards purchasing a subscription by limiting access to crucial pages, which garnered negative feedback. With the redesign, I maintained access to articles on the "Content".

In the redesign, I consolidated all symptoms onto a single page, significantly reducing the need for multiple swipes. What used to demand 29 swipes now requires only three clicks and one swipe. Furthermore, I relocated the recording function to the same page, making it more accessible by sliding it up and overlaying it on the screen. This adjustment enhances convenience and user-friendliness in the process.