Role & Responsibilities: User Research, Prototyping, UI/UX Design
Duration: 12/2020 – 02/2021
Tools: Figma, Marvel

Clue, a menstrual health app developed by BioWink GmbH in Berlin, aims to promote women's reproductive health with its three main functions: tracking period cycles and predicting them, analyzing health status, and providing scientific articles on reproductive health. Clue Plus is a key source of revenue for the company.


I conducted research by reviewing critical feedback about the Clue app on the App Store. The following points were consistently mentioned:

  • Requirement of subscription for previously free features.
  • High membership cost.
  • Unnecessary additional features.
  • Poorly designed layout.
  • Required creation of account as the initial step.
  • Insufficient number of symptom options.
  • Outdated user interface.
  • Frequent app crashes.

User Journey Map & Personas

Based on my observations and user research, I have identified three main areas for redesign:

  1. Improving the initial user experience
  2. Refining the advertising for paid subscriptions
  3. Including a pregnancy tracking feature.

Core Functions Adjustment

In the redesign, I aimed to improve the user experience by making core function adjustments. I removed the prominent subscription advertisement from the homepage, made the frequently used "Track" feature more accessible, and simplified the bottom menu buttons. The previous design pushed users towards paying for a subscription by limiting access to important pages, which received negative feedback from users. With the redesign, I kept the articles on the "Content" page and shifted the focus from "you'll miss out if you don't pay" to "paying will enhance your experience".

The redesign improves the symptom recording process by consolidating all symptoms onto one page, reducing the need for multiple swipes. Instead of requiring 29 swipes, the redesigned process only requires three clicks and one swipe. Additionally, the recording function has been moved to the same page and made more accessible by sliding it up and overlaying it on the screen, making the process more convenient and user-friendly.