Green Link Digital Bank


Role & Responsibilities: Soul UI/UX designer, defining design language, sharing resources and tools.
Duration: 06/2021 – 11/2021
Tools: Figma
As part of the team responsible for establishing Green Link, a digital bank in Singapore formed through the collaboration of Greenland and Linklogis, I was tasked with a critical mission: developing a comprehensive design system to streamline our product design process. This project presented unique challenges, given the intricate nature of the banking system and the strict constraints and guidelines we had to navigate. Therefore, the development of a robust design system became paramount to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of our work. I took on a pivotal role in constructing this system, which included comprehensive design rules and patterns, ultimately contributing significantly to our project's success.

Challenges to Overcome

1. Inconsistent User Experience: The existing international products suffer from a lack of a unified design system for both UI and UX, resulting in a fragmented user experience. Different business units have their own interpretations of design, contributing to further inconsistencies.

2. High Product Development Costs: Repeated design changes and frequent team shifts result in a lack of efficient use of basic design and development resources, leading to increased costs.  

3. Confusing Product Decision Making: While a well-defined and rational design process is essential, the growth of the product and team can introduce personal opinions that complicate design plans and potentially undermine the overall user experience and consistency.


The Link UI-International design system tackles the challenges mentioned earlier, aiming to provide a harmonious design experience that combines aesthetics with efficiency. This system is meticulously constructed, beginning with core design principles and extending seamlessly across all product interfaces.

Following the Atomic Design Methodology, the system encompasses five levels: atoms, molecules, organisms, templates, and pages. This comprehensive approach ensures a consistent, clear, and efficient design. Constructing the design system was a collaborative endeavor involving both my team and developers, which demanded multiple iterations and continuous refinements to achieve its current form.

With these improvements, the team can dedicate their efforts to addressing design challenges and enhancing their collaboration. The design system effectively streamlines the design process, granting the team more time and resources to channel into creative and impactful endeavors.