Green Link Digital Bank


Role & Responsibilities: Soul UI/UX designer, defining design language, sharing resources and tools.
Duration: 06/2021 – 11/2021
Tools: Figma

Green Link is a Singapore digital bank setup with the cooperation of Greenland and Linklogis.
This project involves a complex banking system that requires constraints and guidelines on the product design process. Therefore, we need to build a system with complete design rules and patterns to help us finish our work efficiently.

Issues to Resolve

1. The inconsistency of user experience. Existing international products lack a complete set of definitions and rules on UI and UX design. Various business lines also have deviations in design understanding, causing many inconsistent product experiences.

2. The high cost of product output. Due to product iteration and changes in team members, basic design and development resources cannot support product testing efficiently.

3. The chaos of product decision-making. The process of product design should be precise and rational. Still, with the expansion of the product and the team, the design plan is often mixed with a lot of personal judgments, confusing decision-making and ultimately damaging the overall user experience and product consistency.


The Link UI-International design system aims to solve the above problems at the bottom level, to ensure that the product achieves a balance between elegance and efficiency in the design and development process.

Therefore, the framework of the entire system is built from the bottom up, starting from the concept to the design language and rules and spreading the design concept to all product interfaces. To ensure design consistency, efficiency, and clarity, I made this system based on the Atomic Design Methodology, consisting of five levels: atoms, molecules, organisms, templates, and pages.

Building a design system is a long process, full of iterations, reviews, tests, and adjustments. In a way, we can never finish a system. Besides me, my team and the developers also spent time and energy on it. The design system can make the entire process more precise and rational, allowing the whole team to spend more time on problem-solving, improving working methods, and better collaboration.