Olea Platforms


Role & Responsibilities: Soul UI/UX designer
Duration: 06/2021 – 09/2021
Tools: Figma

Olea is a joint venture between Standard Chartered and Linklogis. It is a digital finance platform that brings supply chain investors and suppliers together.

Olea Investor Portal provides high-quality investment opportunities, with project information and returns and risks clear at a glance. The core value of the Olea Supplier Portal lies in its convenient financing and repayment and solving of practical problems. The internal operators are bridges between investors and suppliers: safety, clarity, ease of use, and efficiency of the Olea Internal Portal are the most important.


After speaking with the client in depth before I started, it was clear that the dashboard needed to be simple yet could house a wealth of information: a detailed interactive chart, individualized data, and even a variety of charts and graphs. Each interface section is tailored toward a specific task, giving the user fast access to the most needed data.

The user interface should be straightforward and data-focused. When approaching the design, I wanted to make sure of the legibility. A light grey-blue background with darker blue text helped keep the layout accessible to the eyes. I used brighter colors to call attention to critical areas of the interface, like the primary navigation and notification.