Olea Platforms


Role & Responsibilities: Soul UI/UX designer
Duration: 06/2021 – 09/2021
Tools: Figma

Olea is a fintech platform that connects supply chain investors and suppliers, brought to you by the collaboration of Standard Chartered and Linklogis.

The Investor Portal offers a clear, user-friendly view of investment projects, with transparent information on returns and risks. The Supplier Portal simplifies financing and repayment, providing practical solutions. The Internal Portal is crucial for the seamless operation of the platform, ensuring safety, clarity, ease of use, and efficiency for the internal team connecting investors and suppliers.


I collaborated closely with the client to understand their needs for a simple yet informative dashboard. I designed an interactive chart, tailored data sections, and multiple charts/graphs to meet their needs. The user interface prioritizes data and clarity, with a light grey-blue background and dark blue text for easy readability. I highlighted key areas of the interface with brighter colors for quick access and attention to important notifications.